Altas Jobs

Altas Jobs

Altas Jobs

Altas Jobs is a group of human resources companies that hire foreign workers to work in factories and industries in Japan.

In March 2017, the group has more than 400 employees located in Mie, Shiga, Saitama and Aichi distributed in many companies that have a service contract.

Operational Infrastructure

To offer adequate support to employees, the company has a solid structure and several options:

  •     Apartments available to employees (by region)
  •     Buses and vans for transportation
  •     Responsible and translators
  •     Head office and regional offices.

Japanese Legislation

We work in compliance with Japanese labor standards.

All labor rights are guaranteed to workers according to the type of contract.

New Arrival Information for jobs

Costura de peças de automóveis ¥1.200/h

Costura de peças de automóveis como apoios de braço
Mie-ken Suzuka-shi

Kameyama-shi Serviço deSolda e prensa

prensa, solda
¥1400/h 〜 ¥1450/h + ajuda de transporte
Mie-ken Kameyama-shi

Inspeção e processamento de autopeças

Inspeção e processamento
Mie-ken Suzuka-shi

Fábrica de concreto

Conserto de produtos de concreto

Mie-ken Suzuka-shi Ambiente predominante feminino ¥1350/h

Autopeças Inspeção Montagem
Mie-ken Suzuka-shi